NOTE TO RIDERS IN USEF QUALIFIER: The Grand Prix Special has been added on Sunday. Enter now without penalty. Our error. Closing date: Monday, April 19m at midnight. See updated prize list on Calendar page. . . . Results of the GHF Spring Dressage Shows #1 and #2 are posted on the Ride Times page. Next show: May 1-2 at the Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers, GA. . . . GHF Year-End Results are now posted on our Awards Page. . . . Updates to the USEF COVID-19 requirements can be found on the Show Info page. . . . USEF REQUIREMENT: Everyone must wear a mask (no substitutes) at all times while on competition grounds during a show except while riding. . . . Our website is now "phone friendly." Now you can tour our site on your i-phone. Navigate the site with the little page menu in upper left corner. . . . GHF prize lists are always found on Calendar page. . . .

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The Good Horseman/Massey Ferguson
Dressage at the Horse Park

(A 2021 USEF/NAYC/Young Horse qualifier)

May 1-2, 2021

at The Georgia International Horse Park

Conyers, GA


#1 Show Schedule

#2 Show Schedule

NEW HOST HOTEL:  We will be using LaQuinta Inn and Suites, 1184 Dogwood Drive SE, Conyers, GA 30012,  (770)918-0092.  Competitors will receive by e-mail a special link that can be used for making reservations to get the show's special rate.  Be looking for it, to be sent by the show office.

​​Information for Competitors  

(This document will be updated as necessary: updated 1/31/2021)

NOTICE:  New strains of COVID virus require better face masks. 
Scarfs and bandanas are no longer allowed at GHF shows. 

Here is what The Mayo Clinic considers acceptable.

(Chart courtesy Mayo Clinic.)

1.  We are using Barns 2 and 6 for the May 1-2 show.  

2. The show will be using GIHP Show Office #2 at the covered arena for the entire show. Office opens at noon on Friday, till 6 p.m.

3. We still will be using corona-virus health procedures including masks and social distancing. On Friday, competitors may enter the show office in groups of  no more than three persons at a time in the same group.  Others must remain in a line six feet apart (side walk in front of Show Office #2 will be marked) until their turn to enter the office.

4. STAY AWAY: USEF requires everyone involved with the show to wear a face mask (see those allowed in Mayo Clinic notice above) at all times when on the showgrounds.  People will not be permitted to congregate in groups. "Social distancing" is required for everyone, except for members of the same household.  Competitors are not required to wear masks while riding.

5. NO MASK SUBSTITUTE: Face shields do not take the place of a mask which is required of everyone who comes on the grounds for our show.  However, they may be used in addition to masks.  No exceptions--USEF requirement. 

6. NO SPECTATORS:  Only persons competing in the show and their attendants will be permitted at the show.  All must be signed on entry form.b

More details will be posted here as they develop.  AG

REFUNDSwill be given in full prior to the closing date for any reason.  After the closing date, there will be no refunds.  However, in the case of illness or injury to horse or rider, a show credit slip (excluding non-refundable drug fee, the office fee, any qualifying fees and cost of shavings if they are not recovered) may be issued toward a future GHF show with a veterinarian’s or physician’s certificate (the certifying vet or doctor may not be owner, rider or trainer)  received by management no later than 10 days after the show. To get credit, the rider or representative must notify the show secretary in person before show starts so the riding times may be filled. Do not use messages, texts or e-mails without confirmation of receipt by the show. USEF requires that competitors must notify the secretary when leaving the grounds before show ends.

CANCELLATION OF CLASSES:  There will be no refunds (with the exception of USDF qualifying fees) if the show or classes are canceled because of weather, accident or other emergency beyond the control show management. However, if the show is canceled before the show is set up and before horses arrive on the grounds,  competitors will receive a show credit (including any USDF qualifying fees) less a $20 office fee.

SHOW CREDIT SLIP?: If you are holding a show credit slip from last year, it will have a 2020 expiration date.  All those credit slips now have a new expiration date ending in 2021  


When show is delayed by lightning,
take it seriously--here's why--click here!

Dressage Equipment and Attire

An awards ceremony will be held, weather permitting, on Sunday following the last ride before the lunch break.  Full-dress attire is required for everyone—coats will not be waived for this event. A winner in full attire may receive an award on foot if it is too hot for him/her to wear a coat while mounted. The handler and assistants must wear helmets—no exceptions.


FREESTYLE RULE CHANGE:  DR129 Musical Freestyle Ride. Except for USEF/USDF Championship classes and for FEI Pony Riders, FEI Junior, FEI Young Rider and FEI Para-Equestrian Freestyles, in order to enter a freestyle class at any level, a horse/rider combination must have received a minimum score of 63% for Training through Fourth levels and 60% for FEI levels in the highest test of the declared freestyle level or any test of a higher level at a USEF/USDF licensed Dressage Competition. A photocopy of the test verifying eligibility, or copy of the USDF score verification, must be submitted with the entry for a freestyle class.

NEW APP FOR COMPETITOR SCORES:  There is a new app from the Apple App Store that riders can download to their i-phones that will allow them to see the individual scores on their test sheets.  It is called "Competitor Tent" and it has access to nearly two million show records from local schooling shows to FEI CDI *** events, with overall and movement by movement scores automatically uploaded for analytics for the benefit of riders and trainers.  App Privacy Policy

NEW CAMPER/RV DETAILS FOR GIHP:  For all our shows at the Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers, GA, competitors who have paid for campers on their entries can check in with Terry Darby, the shavings vendor for Queen Wood Products, when they get to the show. He can unlock your camper site if you call him to tell him where to meet you when you choose your location.  His cell phone number is 770-855-8793.  E-mail:  Terry Darby .

FOR YOUNG RIDERS:  When a rider turns 18, he/she must compete as a Young Rider until the end of their 21st year, even though "Amateur" appears on  USEF card.

ILLEGAL:  The "crescent nose band" is no longer allowed.

SADDLE PADS AND LOGOS:  Not only may the barn owner wear the farm logo at USEF competitions, but boarders and others who ride there may wear the farm logo as well, but advertising of products or companies is still not allowed.  The pads must be of conservative (dark) color and may have contrasting trim or piping. Multi-colored or striped pads are not allowed.

LIMITS TO RIDERS:  USEF is now requiring shows to post map of the competition facilities, indicating where competitors may ride and what areas are off limits.  Please look for those maps at GHF shows so you can stay on the right path.


PERFEKT PAKET REFUND:  We  have increased the office fee to $40 so that competitors whose entries are complete (Perfekt) on first receipt will get half of the office fee back--$20 in cash--actually a reduction in the office fee for the careful competitor. If the entry has documents trickling in before the show but is complete when the rider gets to the show, the rider will receive a $10 refund. 

EQUINE ISOLATION PLANUSEF requires an Isolation Plan for all competitions in the event of an outbreak of infectious equine disease.  All competitors must be in compliance if and when a horse becomes ill.  See links for details:

Isolation Protocol for GIHP

Georgia State requirements for transportation of horses

THE TIME SCHEDULE  will be posted in a conspicuous place by noon the day before the competition. Ride times may not be changed after noon the day before the start of the competition, except in compliance with GR830.5.

National Dressage Pony Cup Program

NDPC Guideline and Scoring Rules

NDPC “PONY CUP” CLASS:  GHF is offering a National Pony Cup Test of Choice Class (Training Level through Grand Prix) on Saturday and Sunday mornings. For this purpose our two one-day shows in June will be considered a single show.  Ponies must hold a USEF pony measurement card or must be officially measured at the show (see below).  First through sixth place NDPC ribbons will be awarded for these classes. Results will be sorted through a weighted program used by the NDPC organization.  NDPC high-point and reserve ribbons will also be given at every sponsored show.  The awards will be presented at the show’s awards ceremony on Sunday. While any certified pony may enter the NDPC classes, only scores from NDPC members will be used in the national awards program.  National Dressage Pony Cup is an organization dedicated to promoting ponies in dressage.  Through their partner-show program, NDPC encourages USDF-recognized dressage shows to include pony classes.   For more information: .

ON-LINE ENTRIES:  GHF shows accept entries on line through Equestrian  Entries   (
). There is a link to their website on their logo on the GHF website front page.  If you do not already have a user account with , you may sign up now. If you are a first-time user, you can get $5 off your first paid on-line entry submission. Input the following in the Coupon Code in the payment section: FIRSTENTRY. You can print your entry and mail it with a personal check, or pay on-line with a credit card. If you chose to pay online there is a 3% fee plus a $5.00 handling charge. There is no charge to join Equestrian Entries, create an entry or print an entry. So if you chose to pay by personal check, the service is free.
VETERINARIANS:  Dr. Dan Carter, 770-787-4711.
                                    Countryside Animal Hospital, Jersey, GA.     
VIDEOGRAPHER:  Richard Taylor, 404-308-8713,​

PHOTOGRAPHER: Meg McGuire, 973-960-5256;    
FARRIERS:  Christian Pefanis (official show farrier), Alpharetta, GA  912-602-4733

                      Brian Fitzgerald, Atlanta, GA,  310-625-8712

​                       Stan Davis, 678-410-9449
                       Jamie Wilcox,  706-248-3260
                       Nick Knapp, Monroe, GA  770-616-1395
                       Glenn Nasworthy, Covington, GA 404-245-6524
BRAIDER:   Trish Savard ,  413-244-3763 (call for appointment)

SHAVINGS: Terry Darby, e-mail:  Queen Wood Products, or call: 770-855-8793

CAMPER SITES UNLOCKED:e-mail: Terry Darby  or call: 770-855-8793 
Complete USEF Rule Book
                        USEF Dressage Rules
Click here for USEF/USDF Joint Cards

                        Vendor and Advertising Form 
(Prize lists are posted on the Calendar page)

GIHP FARRIER/VET BUILDING:  The veterinarians and farriers shed at the Georgia International Horse Park is located near Barn 5 (next to Pavilion building where the shavings are sold).  Please tell the vet or farrier about this facility so that you can meet them there.  Vets must not park next to barn/stall in the fire lane.

SCRIBES' COORDINATOR:  Danielle Perry will be in charge of scribes at our shows.  Anyone interested in scribing may contact her at 404-219-1266 or Danielle Perry .  

GIHP TRAILER PARKING:  Competitors may park their trailers in the vacant lot near GIHP's Barn 6--unless posted signs indicate otherwise--or if there is a big tent there--a real indicator of otherwise!  Cars and trucks may park in the "retail" parking lot across the road, but trailers are not allowed to park in the "retail"  lot.

BREAKFAST: The concessions stand opens at 7 a.m. each day for breakfast.  LaQuinta Inn and Suites will have their breakfast room open at 6 a.m. each show day.  Please use UberEats, DoorDash and other delivery services for other meals at the hotel.

NIGHT WATCH/HORSE CARE:  Dennis Boggs is our  night watchman. His cell number is 770-855-7403.   Dennis also offers limited personal care for horses such as giving feed and checking on water for an additional fee. Dennis cannot lift heavy buckets of water so owners will need to provide a water hose. Please call Dennis for information about this. There will be a sign-up sheet at a special table near the front door of the show office during the show.

NOT ALLOWED: Bicycles, Segways, hover boards, and single-wheeled scooters and other similar vehicles are not allowed around the show barns where horses may be ridden or around arenas during the show for the safety of riders at GHF shows.  While most people are considerate and understand the volatile nature of horses, it is the few mindless adults or children who can hurt someone.  These vehicles, including golf carts,  are not allowed on the road in front of and between the competition arenas where horses are moving from the barns and warm-up to the covered arena. 

STALL IDENTIFICATION LABELS:  Please do not move your stall charts for horse or tack stalls. If you have a stabling problem, please contact the show office.  There may be stallions and mares with issues and we sometimes position tack stalls to protect them.
BARN 6 and CAMPER LOT: There is a camper lot with water and electricity (no sewer) right next to Barn 6 at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers. If you have a camper and want to be very close to your horse, put a sticky note on your entry form to request Barn 6 stabling and your stall will be located at the camper lot end of the Barn 6.  All camper sites can be unlocked by Terry Darby who also sells shavings at the horse park.

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