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         Fox Village Dressage



USEF extends moratorium on shows through May 3--our April and June shows are canceled. Summer show moved to Aug. 22-23 at the horse park. See Calendar page for details. . . . Show credits have been issued for canceled March show to affected competitors. . . . See Charlotte and Guido's baby on our News Page! . . . FEI dumps the top hat. See the amazing details on the News Page! . . . Summer lightning strike at Atlanta's East Lake golf course--spectators injured. See News page for little-known details about lightning. . . . USEF announces freestyle rule change. See Show Info page for details. . . . The silver GHF Cup went home with Charlotte Osborne's Korano, highest-scoring horse at our September show. See details on Show Results page. . . . New USEF Isolation Plan affects everyone at show. USEF Rules for Bits and Attire found on Show Info page. . . . See new USDF requirements/fees on Ride Times page. . . . GHF prize lists are always published on Calendar page. . . .

Host hotel for shows in Conyers, GA


When show is delayed by lightning, take it seriously--here's why--click here!

                          Dressage Equipment and Attire

Chattahoochee Hills Off-Limits Map

Conyers Horse Park Off-Limits Map

An awards ceremony will be held, weather permitting, on Sunday following the last ride before the lunch break.  This program is for the winners of the show’s sponsored prizes for rides performed on Saturday.  The announcer will call for the winners.  Our awards coordinator will give instructions to those participating in the ceremony.  Full-dress attire is required for everyone—coats will not be waived for this event. A winner in full attire may receive an award on foot if it is too hot for him/her to wear a coat while mounted. The handler and assistants must wear helmets—no exceptions.

FREESTYLE RULE CHANGE:  DR129 Musical Freestyle Ride. Changes to read:
9. Except for USEF/USDF Championship classes and for FEI Pony Riders, FEI Junior, FEI Young Rider and FEI Para-Equestrian Freestyles, in order to enter a freestyle class at any level, a horse/rider combination must have received a minimum score of 63% for Training through Fourth levels and 60% for FEI levels in the highest test of the declared freestyle level or any test of a higher level at a USEF/USDF licensed Dressage Competition, Federation Licensed or FEI-recognized Dressage Competition, or “open” Dressage class (i.e. open to all breeds) at a Federation Licensed Competition held prior to the competition where the horse/rider combination is entered to ride a freestyle class. A photocopy of the test verifying eligibility, or copy of the USDF score verification, must be submitted with the entry for a freestyle class.

NEW APP FOR COMPETITOR SCORES:  There is a new app from the Apple App Store that riders can download to their i-phones that will allow them to see the individual scores on their test sheets.  It is called "Competitor Tent" and it has access to nearly two million show records from local schooling shows to FEI CDI *** events, with overall and movement by movement scores automatically uploaded for analytics for the benefit of riders and trainers.  App Privacy Policy

NEW PHOTOGRAPHER: We have a new show photographer: Meg McGuire; Equine Sports & Portraiture, Warner Robins, GA; (973) 960-5256. She may not be at all of our shows so if you want photos at the show, please call Meg for an appointment.

NEW CAMPER/RV DETAILS FOR GIHP:  For all our shows at the Conyers horse park, competitors who have paid for campers on their entries can check in with Terry Darby, the shavings vendor for Queen Wood Products, when they get to the show. He can unlock your camper site if you call him to tell him where to meet you when you choose your location.  His cell phone number is 770-855-8793.  His e-mail address is darbyterryj @

FOR YOUNG RIDERS:  When a rider turns 18, he/she must compete as a Young Rider until the end of their 21st year, even though Amateur appears on the USEF card.

ATTENTION:  The "crescent nose band" is no longer allowed.

NEW USEF RULE REGARDING MOTORIZED VEHICLES:  Minors who do not have a valid driver’s license which allows them to operate a motorized vehicle in the state in which they reside will not be permitted to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind, including, but not limited to, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, or farm utility vehicles, on the competition grounds of licensed competitions. Minors who have a valid temporary license may operate the above described motorized vehicles as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid driver’s license. The parent/legal guardian or individual who signs the entry blank as a parent or guardian of a minor operating a motorized vehicle in violation of this rule are solely responsible for any damages, claims, losses or actions resulting from that operation. Violations of this rule will be cause for penalties against those responsible for the child committing the offense. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are exempt from this rule.
       The unsafe use of personal electronic transport devices, as determined by the competition officials and management in their sole discretion, that do not require a driver’s license to operate, including but not limited to Segways, hover boards, and single-wheeled scooters is prohibited on competition grounds. Operating such devices in areas where people gather may be deemed “unsafe use” if there is a risk of harm to others. If the operator of the device is a minor, the parent/legal guardian or individual who signs the entry blank as a parent or guardian of a minor operating the device in violation of this rule is accountable and may be subject to penalties. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are exempt from this rule.

SADDLE PADS AND LOGOS:  Not only may the barn owner wear the farm logo at USEF competitions, but boarders and others who ride there may wear the farm logo as well, but advertising of products or companies is still not allowed.  The pads must be of conservative (dark) color and may have contrasting trim or piping. Multi-colored or striped pads are not allowed.

LIMITS TO RIDERS:  USEF is now requiring shows to post maps of the competition facilities, indicating where competitors may ride and what areas are off limits.  Please look for those maps at GHF shows so you can stay on the right path.

NEW USEF FREESTYLE RULE:  USEF has increased the qualifying score to 63% for riders to qualify to participate in USDF Freestyle tests starting in 2019 competitions.


PERFEKT PAKET REFUND:  We  have increased the office fee to $40 so that competitors whose entries are complete (Perfekt) on first receipt will get half of the office fee back--$20 in cash--actually a reduction in the office fee for the careful competitor. If the entry has documents trickling in before the show but is complete when the rider gets to the show, the rider will receive a $10 refund. See caveat below.

SHOW DOCUMENTS:   The show accepts only the signature page that is found in the show's prize list.  Click here for a copy of the correct signature page good for all GHF shows.  To make check-in speedy, competitors are asked to e-mail (not by text) all missing documents to no later than the Thursday before the show.  Documents e-mailed on Friday, a travel/load in-day for management, may not be received in the show office and the competitor may forfeit a Perfekt Paket Refund. Make sure your e-mail address is correct in the Equestrian Entries' data base so you will get important updates from the show. 


BULLETINUSEF requires an Isolation Plan for all competitions in the event of an outbreak of infectious equine disease.  All competitors must be in compliance if and when a horse becomes ill.  See links for details:

Isolation Protocol for Chatt Hills

Isolation Protocol for GIHP

Georgia State requirements for transportation of horses


(See 2019 USEF Rule Book and Dressage Rules in links below.)

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$15 USDF QUALIFYING FEE:   USDF has increased to $15 the qualifying fee for eligibility to ride in the American Bankers Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championships, an increase of $5 over the previous rate, starting in the 2018 qualifying season.  

RIDERS--PLEASE, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR COMPUTER SCORES AGAINST THE TEST SHEET:  Don't wait until you leave the show to do this.  USEF Rule: DR123.10 If a mathematical error on the score sheet is discovered, it must be brought to the attention of competition management within 1 hour of the official posting of the scores from the last class of that competition day. Competition Management must announce said posting, and must make test sheets available to competitors immediately. 

USEF ​RULES: Horses in any under saddle class must be at least 36 months of age (from foaling date) at the time of competition. Horses competing in the following tests and levels must meet the following minimum age requirements per FEI rules: FEI Children/Pony/Junior tests: minimum six (6) years; Young Riders/Prix St. Georges/Intermediate I: minimum seven (7) years; tests above Intermediate I: minimum eight (8) years. The horse’s age is to be counted from Jan. 1 of the year of birth to Jan. 1 of the current competition year. BOD 1/16/16 Effective 12/1/16, BOD 12/12/16 Effective 1/1/17

THE TIME SCHEDULE  will be posted in a conspicuous place by noon the day before the competition. Ride times may not be changed after noon the day before the start of the entire competition, except in compliance with GR830.5.

Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championship Rule Update!
Effective Dec. 1, 2016: Horse/rider combinations may enter more than one qualifying test, and qualifying Freestyle, at each level per day as Great American/USDF qualifying. (USEF DR 127.4).  (See GHF prize lists for new class listings.)


2020 GHF Membership Form

VIDEOGRAPHER:  Richard Taylor 404-308-8713;

PHOTOGRAPHER: Meg McGuire; 973-960-5256

NIGHT WATCH: Dennis Boggs, 770-855-7403 cell 

CAMPER/SHAVINGS: Terry Darby for getting sites unlocked, call
                                         770-855-8793; or e-mail at 
darbyterryj @;
                                         for extra shavings e:mail: queensalesgihp @
BRAIDER:   Trish Savard ,  413-244-3763 (call for appointment)


​    National Dressage Pony Cup Program

NDPC Guideline and Scoring Rules

NDPC “PONY CUP” CLASS:  GHF is offering a National Pony Cup Test of Choice Class (Training Level through Grand Prix) on Saturday and Sunday mornings. For this purpose our two one-day shows in June will be considered a single show.  Ponies must hold a USEF pony measurement card or must be officially measured at the show (see below).  First through sixth place NDPC ribbons will be awarded for these classes. Results will be sorted through a weighted program used by the NDPC organization.  NDPC high-point and reserve ribbons will also be given at every sponsored show.  The awards will be presented at the show’s awards ceremony on Sunday. While any certified pony may enter the NDPC classes, only scores from NDPC members will be used in the national awards program.  National Dressage Pony Cup is an organization dedicated to promoting ponies in dressage.  Through their partner-show program, NDPC encourages USDF-recognized dressage shows to include pony classes.   For more information: .

PARA-EQUESTRIAN DIVISION:  GHF offers a FEI/USDF Para-Equestrian Test of Choice at all of our shows.  See each show's prize list for details.
NEW RULE: USEF now requires all participants in Para-Equestrian dressage tests to be USDF members or pay the USDF non-member fee.

CHANGE IN AWS AWARD: The American Warmblood Society will present an “AWS Champion” ribbon for the high-scoring AWS-registered horse in the show, regardless of levels, excluding freestyle, Young Horse, Rider Tests and USDF Introductory tests.  A copy of the rider, handler or owner AWS membership card and the horse’s AWS registration papers should accompany entry form. 

USE E-MAIL INSTEAD:  We have disconnected our FAX line because it is too easy now to use a computer or iPhone to take a picture of a document and e-mail it.   If you have problems with this system, please call 404-289-9328 or e-mail the show manager. Thanks! 

GHF ADDRESS:  4567 Rockbridge Road #297, Pine Lake, GA 30072, for U.S. Mail, UPS and Fed-Ex.

ON-LINE ENTRIES:  GHF shows accept entries on line through Equestrian  Entries   ( ). There is a link to their website on their logo on the GHF website front page.  If you do not already have a user account with, you may sign up now. If you are a first-time user, you can get $5 off your first paid on-line entry submission. Input the following in the Coupon Code in the payment section: FIRSTENTRY. You can print your entry and mail it with a personal check, or pay on-line with a credit card. If you chose to pay online there is a 3% fee plus a $5.00 handling charge. There is no charge to join EqEntries, create an entry or print an entry. So if you chose to pay by personal check, the service is free.

VETERINARIANS/CONYERS:  Dr. Dan Carter, 770-787-4711.
                                                          Countryside Animal Hospital, Jersey, GA.     

                                                                                       Southern Crescent  Equine Services, Newnan, GA 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Meg McGuire; 973-960-5256
VIDEOGRAPHER:  Richard Taylor, 404-308-8713,​
FARRIERS:  Christian Pefanis (official show farrier), Alpharetta, GA  912-602-4733

                      Brian Fitzgerald, Atlanta, GA,  310-625-8712

​                       Stan Davis, 678-410-9449
                       Jamie Wilcox,  706-248-3260
                       Nick Knapp, Monroe, GA  770-616-1395
                       Glenn Nasworthy, Covington, GA 404-245-6524

BRAIDER:   Trish Savard ,  413-244-3763 (call for appointment)

SHAVINGS VENDOR: Terry Darby, Queen Wood Products,  at 770-855-8793;
queensalesgihp @

CAMPER SITES UNLOCKED: Terry Darby at 770-855-8793 or e-mail: darbyterryj @

(See other important information below.)
Lauda Memorial Adult Amateur Award:  In memory of her mother who died in Germany, Gertrud Herrmann de Lauda, Susanne Lauda is presenting a special award to the Adult Amateur rider who receives the highest score in any FEI test (Prix St. Georges through Grand Prix, except for special tests and tests that are scored differently) ridden on Saturday. A $50 award and specially designed neck sash in the German national colors will be presented to the winner at Sunday's Awards Ceremony. This award is offered at our April, June and September shows.

Still Waters Dressage Musical Freestyle Award:  This award is sponsored by trainer Kim Schisler Sosebee.  The special high-score ribbon will go to the highest score achieved in a Saturday freestyle class at any level at all GHF USEF/USDF-recognized shows.  Ties will be broken by highest technical score. The special ribbon will be presented  at  Sunday’s Awards Ceremony.

DECORATION:  USEF's Director of Dressage Hallye Griffin reports that the crystal braiding bands are not legal for FEI or USEF Dressage Competitions. This was confirmed with the FEI  and USEF Dressage Rules read almost exactly the same as the FEI rules. DR 121.7  “Any decoration of the horse with extravagant items, such as ribbons or flowers, etc. in the mane, tail, etc., is strictly forbidden. Braiding of the horse’s mane and tail, however, is permitted.” If you have any questions regarding this, please call Ms Griffin at 859-225-6918.  
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Complete USEF Rule Book
   USEF Dressage Rules
Click here for USEF/USDF Joint Cards

   Vendor and Advertising Form 
(Prize lists are posted on the Calendar page)
GIHP FARRIER/VET BUILDING:  The veterinarians and farriers shed at the Georgia International Horse Park is located near Barn 5 (next to Pavilion building where the shavings are sold).  Please tell the vet or farrier about this facility so that you can meet them there.  Vets must not park next to barn/stall in the fire lane.

USEF HELMET RULE:  Certified protective headgear must be worn and securely fastened by every rider at a USEF-licensed competition while the rider is on the grounds, at all times before, during and after the show. This includes FEI-level riders.  No exceptions. Penalties include elimination and possible charges.

SCRIBES' COORDINATOR:  Danielle Perry will be in charge of scribes at our shows.  Anyone interested in scribing may contact her at 404-219-1266 or Danielle Perry .  
Here are some USEF Rules regarding scribes:
e. Scribes. EC 9/21/09 Effective 12/1/09
(1) Scribes should have a knowledge of the tests being ridden.
(2) Scribes (including electronic scribes)must not be an owner, coach, trainer or family member of a competitor/horse in the class(es) in which they are scribing.
(3) Scribe changes should not be made more than once per day for each judge.
(4) It is strongly recommended that scribes and apprentice judges not compete before judges with whom they have worked at the same competition.
(5) First-time scribes must not be assigned to foreign judges or judges for FEI level classes.
(6) Scribes. Only one scribe to be provided for the judging panel for the FEI Dressage Tests for 4-year old, 5-year old and 6-year old horses and the USEF Dressage Test for 4-year old horses.

SHAVINGS VENDOR AT GIHP:  Terry Darby operates the shavings concession at the Georgia International Horse Park. He is with Queen Wood Products.   He will help you with your shavings, feed, hay and golf cart needs. He also unlocks camper sites. Terry can be reached at 770-855-8793; and e-mail
darbyterryj @ 

SATURDAY/SUNDAY ARRIVALS--DON'T UNLOAD!:  The show office opens at 7 a.m. each day and at noon on Friday.  Competitors who are arriving with their horses on Saturday or Sunday must go to the show office to check in and receive their packets before unloading horses because their horses must have a bridle number on their halters while out of their stalls on show days. 

GIHP TRAILER PARKING:  Competitors may park their trailers in the vacant lot near GIHP's Barn 6--unless posted signs indicate otherwise--or if there is a big tent there--a real indicator of otherwise!  Cars and trucks may park in the "retail" parking lot across the road, but trailers are not allowed to park in the "retail"  lot.

BREAKFAST: The concessions stands at both GIHP and Chattahoochee Hills Farm open at 7 a.m. each day for breakfast.  Both Hawthorn Suites (host hotel in Conyers) and Days Inn (host hotel in Fairburn) offer a hot breakfast starting at 6:00 a.m.

NON-COMPETING RIDERS:  Riders who are not entered in the show but need to get on horses which are entered must submit a filled-out and signed entry form listing the horses they are planning to ride—unless they are signed as trainer or coach on the horses they want to ride. There is no charge for this. They must also sign the entry form for a non-competing horse if they are not the entered rider, trainer or coach. They must comply with show and USEF regulations.

NIGHT WATCH/HORSE CARE:  Dennis Boggs is our  night watchman. His cell number is 770-855-7403.   Dennis also offers limited personal care for horses such as giving feed and checking on water for an additional fee. Dennis cannot lift heavy buckets of water so owners will need to provide a hose. Please call Dennis for information about this. There will be a sign-up sheet at a special table near the front door of the show office during the show.

CAMPER SUPERVISOR:  Terry Darby will be overseeing the camper/RV lots for our GIHP shows.  If you need a camper site unlocked, please call terry on his cell phone at 770-855-8793; or e-mail
darbyterryj @

SCHEDULING STRATEGY:  GHF show management does its best to schedule the show in a way that will produce the best results for the riders.  Most horses perform best when they are very familiar with their surroundings which is why our shows are scheduled so that horses stay in the same arena for the entire competition if possible and only the judges are changed.  
        It is our intent for riders to perform for one judge on Saturday and a different judge on Sunday. However, sometimes it is necessary for riders who are competing in two levels to be scheduled in different arenas.  Also, we try to schedule the easiest test first and not to schedule one ride early in the morning and your second ride late in the afternoon—though sometimes that is unavoidable. 
          It is our intention for you to ride in front of at least two judges during the weekend and to avoid uncomfortable scheduling conflicts. Riders entered on three horses or more per day do so at their own scheduling risk. If show management is not able to schedule the additional rides to the satisfaction of the rider/owner, the entry fees will not be refunded. 
     Show management will try to accommodate them, however. Riders entering on more than one horse, please attach a sticky note to your entry form indicating which horse(s) you would like to go first or if you need an early or late ride for some reason.  Not every request can be fulfilled—but we will try. Without rider direction, we will try to schedule the youngest horse first allowing the longest warm-up.

BE CAREFUL:  When riding at the Georgia International Horse Park, try to stay off the hard sand roads. Ride either on the grass or on soft dirt.  The hard roads can be slippery like sawdust on a hard-wood floor. Spooky horses have fallen here.  Also, please stay off the slippery concrete road between the covered arena and the main warm-up. The clatter can spook horses competing in the covered arena.  See you at the shows! 
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(Prize lists are posted on the Calendar page)

Dressage Rules To Be Aware Of:
OVERSTRIDE REQUIRED FOR FREE WALK:  USEF changes the rule for free walk: DR103 The Walk. [Chapter DR. Dressage Division] Effective 4/1/09: . . . 4. d. Free Walk. The free walk is a pace of relaxation in which the horse is allowed complete freedom to lower and stretch out his head and neck. The degree of ground cover and length of strides, with hind feet stepping clearly in front of the footprints of the front feet, are essential to the quality of the free walk.  
Note: Overstride has always been required for Medium Walk, but not for Collected Walk.
        The following rule changes were approved by the Executive Committee on March 19, 2012 with an effective date during the 2012 competition year or later. Bold/italic format indicates new text.Strikethrough indicates deleted text. Numbering may need to be adjusted when the approved changes are added to the existing rule book.
DR102--The Halt. [Chapter DR - Dressage Division, Subchapter DR -1 Dressage Governing Regulations]  1. At the halt the horse should stand attentive, engaged, motionless, straight and square with the weight evenly distributed over all four legs. The neck should be raised with the poll as the highest point and the head slightly in front of the vertical. While remaining "on the bit" and maintaining a light and soft contact with the rider’s hand, the horse may quietly chew the bit and should be ready to move off at the slightest indication of the rider. The halt must be shown for at least 3 seconds. The halt should be shown throughout the salute.
DR120 Dress [Chapter DR - Dressage Division, Subchapter DR-1 Dressage Governing Rules] 9. ....Only blunt metal spurs (i.e., with no rowels), no longer than 1.5 3.5 cm are permitted for FEI Pony Rider tests. This restriction also applies to warm-up and training areas, as well as during competition. Offset spurs without rowels are permitted for riders having an appropriate Dispensation Certificate.
DR122 Execution and Judging of Tests. [Chapter DR - Dressage Division, Subchapter DR -1 Dressage Governing Regulations] 8. The scale of marks is as follows: …..All half marks from 0.5-9.5 may also be used both for movements and collective marks, at the discretion of the judge, and scores given must be recorded with a decimal (i.e., as 6.0 instead of 6). BOD 1/23/11 Effective 12/1/11, EC 10/17/11 Effective 12/1/11
        "Not executed" means that practically nothing of the required movement has been performed. In FEI Level Freestyle tests, half marks may be used for the artistic all marks. In tests for Young Horses, decimals to .1 may be used.
DR128 USEF National Championships:  Special rules for USEF National Championship program qualifying and championship classes are listed in the Selection Procedures for each program. These documents are updated annually and posted on the USEF website.
2. For USEF qualifying for Pony Riders, Juniors, Young Riders and Brentina Cup (Young Adults), at no time during the competition, may any horse entered in a USEF Qualifying class be ridden by anyone other than the athlete entered in that class on that horse, under penalty of disqualification from the class for USEF championship qualifying purposes. For USEF championships for Pony Riders, Juniors, Young Riders and Brentina Cup (Young Adults), at no time during the competition, may any horse entered in a USEF Championship class be ridden by anyone other than the athlete entered in that class on that horse under penalty of elimination from the USEF championships. Exception: grooms riding on a loose rein. For purposes of this rule, the competition starts when horse and athlete arrive on the show grounds. This rule also applies for NAYC and USEF High Performance (HP) qualifying competitions and classes. BOD 1/14/12 Effective 2/1/12

FALL OF HORSE OR RIDER:  USEF rule eliminates a horse and rider after a fall during a dressage test.

USEF SAFETY RULE, GR1317.2:  In the event of a fall/accident where the competitor is apparently unconscious or concussed, he/she is precluded from competing until evaluated by qualified medical personnel as defined in GR1211.5. If the competitor refuses to be evaluated, he is disqualified from the competition. USEF now maintains a list of "medical suspensions." See below.

RIDER HEAD INJURIES: The USEF Return to Competition Rule (GR1317) has been successfully implemented since April, 2009. The Safety Committee asks for competition managements’ and officials’ continued support and diligence in enforcing this rule: Whenever a competitor sustains a possible concussion or loss of consciousness at a USEF competition, he or she should be reported to USEF by no later than 6 p.m. the day following the end of the competition (whether a medical release note has been obtained by that time or not). The competitor will be placed on the USEF Medical Suspension List (which is located on the USEF website with the regular Suspension Search, or by following this link:  Medical Suspensions ) and is not permitted to compete further at the same or any future competitions until an appropriate medical release document has been submitted to the USEF. If there are any questions about this rule, please contact Leigh Anne Claywell , 859-225-6959.

NOT ALLOWED: Bicycles, Segways, hover boards, and single-wheeled scooters and other similar vehicles are not allowed around the show barns where horses may be ridden or around arenas during the show for the safety of riders at GHF shows.  While most people are considerate and understand the volatile nature of horses, it is the few mindless adults or children who can hurt someone.  These vehicles, including golf carts,  are not allowed on the road in front of and between the competition arenas where horses are moving from the barns and warm-up to the covered arena. 

ALSO NOT ALLOWED:  Horses ridden by people not connected with our shows are not allowed to wander through the GHF show grounds on horses not entered in the show because of insurance issues and USEF regulations.  If the rider from another show wants to visit friends mounted on his/her horse, the rider must go to the GHF Show Office #2  and fill out the entry form and sign the  GHF signature page.  There is no charge for this, but the horse and rider must be on record with the show for insurance and USEF compliance purposes.
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DOGS!:  The USEF Safety Committee would like to remind competition management and officials of the importance of enforcing General Rule 1301.6, which states:  "Dogs are not permitted to be loose on competition grounds and must be on a leash or otherwise contained. Individuals must not lead dogs on a leash while mounted. Dog owners failing to comply with this rule may be subject to penalty under Chapters 6 and 7, as well as issuance of warning cards." This rule is important in keeping all participants safe while at a USEF competition.

STALL IDENTIFICATION LABELS:  Please do not move your stall charts for horse or tack stalls. If you have a stabling problem, please contact the show office.  There may be stallions and mares with issues and we sometimes position tack stalls to protect them.

BARN 6 CAMPER LOT: There is a camper lot with water and electricity (no sewer) right next to Barn 6 at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers. . If you have a camper and want to be very close to your horse, put a sticky note on your entry form to request Barn 6 stabling and your stall will be located at the camper lot end of the Barn 6.  All camper sites can be unlocked by Terry Darby who also sells shavings at the horse park.

NOTICE TO BROODMARE OWNERS:  USEF DR119.1:  Mares are not eligible for competition after their eighth month of pregnancy or within three months after foaling. 

SNAFFLE ALLOWED FOR FEI TESTS:  USEF now allows horses entered in all FEI-level tests to be ridden in the snaffle bridle. Here is the rule:  DR 121.4. FEI tests ridden at national competitions (excluding USEF High Performance classes, USEF Young Adult qualifying classes, as well as FEI Junior and FEI Young Rider qualifying classes), a plain snaffle bridle or simple double bridle may be used, as above in DR121.2-.3. Only snaffles, curbs and bridoons pictured under Figure 1-B are permitted in FEI tests.

DOUBLE BRIDLE:  Horses are not allowed to be lunged in a double bridle.

HEALTH CERTIFICATES:  Owners of out-of-state horses must e-mail their health certificates to the show manager  on or before the Wednesday before the show.  You can use your i-phone to take a picture of it, and e-mail it on the spot!  Please call show manager at 404-289-9328 if you have a problem.

PROOF OF VACCINATIONS REQUIRED:  A certificate of vaccination within six months must be submitted for every horse entered in the show or on the show grounds and stabling. If the owner/rider gives the injections himself/herself, a proof of purchase with eligible date must be submitted with entry form. See USEF GR845 Equine Vaccination Rule 1. At Federation licensed competitions, horses entering the grounds must be accompanied by documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within six months prior to entering the stables. Horses not in compliance with this rule may be required to leave the competition grounds upon request by Competition Management. Documentation should consist of one of the following methods mentioned below. The frequency of vaccine administration should be per the vaccine manufacturers’ or veterinarian’s recommendations. It is recommended that vaccines are administered by or under the direction of a veterinarian. 2. In the case of vaccines administered by a veterinarian, the exhibitor, upon request by Competition Management, must provide documentation from the veterinarian on documenting that the horse in question received the vaccinations; name of the vaccines and date of vaccine administration. 3. In the case of vaccines administered by a person other than a veterinarian, the exhibitor, upon request by Competition Management, must provide a receipt of the vaccine purchase which is signed by the owner, or agent with care, custody, and control of the horse; name, serial number and expiration date of the vaccine; and date of vaccine administration. 4. In the case of a horse that is unable to receive either of the vaccinations due to a history of adverse reactions, the exhibitor, upon request by Competition Management, must provide a letter from the veterinarian on official letterhead stating that the horse in question cannot be vaccinated due to medical concerns and a log of temperatures taken twice daily for the seven days prior to entering the competition grounds. These horses must also have their temperature taken and logged twice daily while on the competition grounds. The log of temperatures should be provided to the Competition Management, steward, or technical delegate when requested. 5. Competition Management may not amend or enhance vaccination requirements without prior approval of the Veterinary Committee. BOD 1/17/15 Effective 12/1/15.

USDF/USEF SHOWS ARE RATED BY LEVELS:  USEF has instituted a program of rating dressage competitions.  Every show will be given a levels rating.  The Good Horseman shows are Level 3.   To see the criteria, click on the dressage rules in the link above.

SHARPS CONTAINERS: There are special red plastic boxes at the end of the aisles in the barns for the sole purpose of collecting needles and other similar medical wastes as per USEF GR1210.4 and GA Law.

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CLARIFICATION: On your dressage test score sheet, one of the score descriptions has changed: a score of 5 now indicates a "marginal" performance instead of a  "sufficient" performance.

WHIPS:  Riders may carry one whip no longer than 47.2".  See the prize list for complete details--there is more to know--especially if you are riding a pony!

NON-MEMBER FEES: The show management will collect a $45 USEF Show Pass fee and  $35 USDF Non-Member fee per show for each rider/owner/lessee not possessing current USEF/USDF memberships. A $45 USEF Show Pass fee will be collected for every Trainer or Coach who does not have current USEF membership. Trainers and coaches are not required to be USDF members.  A $5 USDF affidavit fee will be collected if the person does not provide a copy of their USDF non-member card which they may download from the USDF website.  The $5 affidavit fee is not required for those applying for membership for the first time.  Owners/lessees or riders exempt from the non-member number requirements are also exempt from the USDF non-member fee. Parents of juniors entered in the show may sign as Trainer and the parent is not required to be a USEF member--but they do have to have USEF and USDF membership if they OWN their junior's horse/pony.  All fees collected will be submitted to the federations with the show results. 

ENTRY FORM:  Riders must use only the entry form and signature page found in the current GHF prize list for the show being entered.
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