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Our Awards Guru. . . 
         Over the years, the GHF awards program has been getting bigger, better and definitely more complicated, and the driver behind all this hard work is Mary Lou Freil, who not only is the organizer of our popular Awards Ceremony during our shows, but at the end of the year she uses her extensive data management skills to find out who is on top from our show results throughout the year. Very few people could do all that and we are very lucky to have her!

            2020 Year-End Awards Results

After a rough 2020, we DO have some year-end high scores to report from the two shows that did survive the pandemic: The August Summer Show and September's Fall Show.  We did not have enough FEI or Freestyle rides in two shows to tabulate the Year-End awards for those rides, but we had some stellar rides in the USEF levels that we can be proud of. We do hope that our four four shows next year will not face such peril as was presented by 2020--the year that we all would like to forget!   Framed award certificates will be arriving to the winners soon!  

                     2021 GHF YEAR-END AWARDS RULES
     To be eligible for these awards, riders do not have to be GHF members  nor do they have  to submit their scores. Scores from the four 2021 Good Horseman USEF/USDF-recognized shows (February, April, June and July) will be used. Final tabulations will be done by the GHF office at the end of the year following the July show.
          It is the competitors’ responsibility to check their scores that are published when the year-end results are posted on the GHF website’s Awards page following the last GHF show of the year and to report any possible errors to the GHF office at 404-289-9328.
     A special framed certificate will be mailed to the top horse/rider combination achieving the  highest percentile (averaged percentage) in  the following levels:  Training through Fourth Level, Prix St. Georges, Intermediaire I, II, A and B, Grand  Prix and Freestyle (any level). The four Intermediaire tests will count as one level. Scores used will be from the Open, Adult Amateur and Jr./YR divisions only. Certificates will be mailed to the reserve high-score winners.
     To compete for this award, riders must have at least three scores of 60% and above from the same level to be averaged (no scores will be dropped).  Results below 60% will not  be awarded.      
     Also awarded will be The Good Horseman Medal which will be given to riders achieving scores of 75% or better at Training through the FEI levels (Adult Amateur, Jr./Young Rider and Open divisions), excluding Freestyle, Introductory, the FEI Young Horse and Rider tests which are scored differently and cannot be compared.
        Riders achieving scores of 80.000% and above will receive the GHF “Gold Medal”.

Award Results for years 2007 through 2013 have been archived due to file size constraints and website performance. Please contact us if you need this information. 


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2019 GHF Year-End Winners

​​        GHF Medal awarded for scores 75% and higher

79.412% Nora Batchelder and Faro SQF, Intermediaire I Open

77.931% Charlotte Osborne and Korano, Training Level Test 3 Open

75.000% Lily Barlow and Karlie HF, Training Level Test 3 AA

​       Other leaders include Anne Pagel and Evora, Ashley Marascalco and Independent, Caitlin Fernambucq and Wilka, Marjolein Geven and Gucci, Christi Meyers and Zenith, Teresa Fickling and Dolcetto O, and Cardette Burdette and Sir Frederico. Click on top line for complete results. (Results compiled by Mary Lou Freil)


        2018 GHF Year-End High-Score Winners

            GHF Medal Award for scores 75% or above
75.652%Lewis Jeff Beau Riley, Training Level Test 1 Adult Amateur
75.455% Twiggs Jessica Hakira, Training Level Test 3 Adult Amateur 
75.000% Braun Nina Abraxas, Training Level Test 1 Jr./YR


2017 GHF Year-End Winners         

​          GHF Medal Winners for Scores of 75% and Above
76.176%  Kathryn Stoy and Flash Gordon HF, First Level Test 3 Open (Q)
75.909%  Marjolein Geven and Gucci, Training Level Test 3 Open (Q)
75.227%  Ashley Giles and Chayenne, Training Level Test 3 Open (Q)

          2014 Year-End Final Results
      GHF “Gold Medal” Winner for scores of 80% and above
Gwen Poulin and DeNada, Training Test 3, 83.400%

       GHF 75% Medal Winners for scores of 75% and above
 Alexandra Knisely and Cezanne, First Test 3, 75.172%  
Anneliese Vogt-Harber and Hot Black Chocolate, Second Test 1, 75.000%
Chris Erbskorn and Corton Charlemagne, First Test 1, 76.034%
Gwen Poulin and DeNada, Training Test 3, 78.800%
Lauren Eckhart and Shall We Dance, First Test 3, 75.484%
Marlene Syribeys and Hollywood, First Test 3, 76.290%