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FIRST TIME! The March 4 Schooling Show now may be entered on line. See Calendar page for directions. . . . Prize lists for both March shows can be found on Calendar page. . . . See new USDF requirements/fees on Ride Times page. . . . GHF Year-End Awards results have been posted on the Awards page. Framed certificates have been mailed. . . . September show results can be found on the Fox Village Dressage website. Click on FVD icon (little fox) on left below. . . . . September show high scores have been posted on the Show Results page. . . . Prize lists can be found on Calendar page. . . .

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The Good Horseman® Foundation is a non-profit 501-c-3 education organization of experienced members of the dressage community including dressage professionals, instructors, veterinarians,trainers,competitors and judges.

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INTRODUCING OUR NEW LOGO:  After many years (since 1992) we are retiring our old logo and replacing it with this beautiful artwork by aspiring dressage rider Stephanie Bedford. It appeared for the first time in the March 2014 GHF show prize list.  Anyone wishing to have a personalized logo made by Stephanie can contact her at grandprixsomeday.








GHF OFFICERS--Our CEOs are (from left) Ann Genovese, director; Karen McGoldrick,  director-at-large; Robin Boggs, treasurer; Susan Harding Birkinshaw, membership chairman. The Good Horseman® Foundation is devoted to the promotion, protection and preservation of the art and sport of dressage to its highest levels. It's activities are limited to the organization of USEF/USDF recognized competitions, and the creation of educational opportunities such as seminars, clinics, forums, and scholarships and is a Group Member Organization of the United States Dressage Federation www.usdf.org. Our national-level competitions are licensed by The United States Equestrian Federation www.usef.org .  


Our show office is run by a very experienced staff comprised mostly of the Boggs Family members some of whom have been with us for many years.  Our show secretary is Robin Boggs (left) and scorer is her daughter, Kim Boggs Stansell.  Last year they were joined by Robin's husband, Dennis Boggs, who took over the night watch position.  But what is truly amazing is now the third generation has joined us:  Natalee Kellar (in pink) and MaKayla Kellar (in the Massey Ferguson hat) now, with smiling faces, officiate over the GHF shows' awards table. We are happy to recognize them here.


The Good Horseman®Foundation produces four USDF/USEF-licensed dressage competitions and occasionally a schooling show each year. The recognized shows feature the MasseyFerguson/Good Horseman Electronic Scoreboard sponsored by Massey Ferguson Tractors,  AGCO International, Duluth, GA.   (Staff photo.)
        We have brought to the dressage community such events as an on-going program for training dressage instructors/trainers and getting them Certified through USDF, clinics and seminars by well-known experts such as the late Jaap Pot, FEI Olympic judge who helped establish the standard of dressage judging in this country;   the late Dr. Reiner Klimke, six-time Olympic gold medalist, author and trainer; Harry Boldt, former German Olympic Team trainer and author;   Liselotte Fore, Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel,  Cindy Sydnor and Debbie Bowman, examiners of the USDF Pre-Certification Program for Instructors; clinics with FEI judge and trainer Martin Richenhagen; and a series of Trainers Conferences with George Williams. 
      For 2010 we were especially pleased to host German Olympic Dressage Gold Medalist Hubertus Schmidt, sponsored by AGCO Corporation and Martin Richenhagen.   Nearly 200 dressage people from the Southeast attended the Symposium at After the Fox Farm, Madison, GA, as sponsors, auditors, riders and staff to present one of the best programs GHF has ever produced.

         We have concluded four complete USDF "L" Judges Education Programs and final exams, and hold the USDF Continuing Education Program for "L" Graduates nearly every year.  Information about the current program is listed on our website's Calendar page. Starting in the fall of 2014, GHF will co-host with the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training association, Inc., another "L" Program.  Information about that can be found on our USDF Programs page.  GHF, in conjunction with GDCTA will host a USEF "r" Judges Training Program at the GHF Dressage at the Horse Park at the end of April 2017.  

         While GHF membership is not required at our shows, we have made it easy for riders to join our busy organization. If they are entering a GHF schooling show and join on a schooling show entry form, they may deduct $30 ($45 for family membership) from the total show fees if they include the GHF membership form with their entry. 
          Competitions are recognized by USEF and USDF. One of our shows (March) is held in the Olympic Stadium at The Georgia International Horse Park, site of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Equestrian Games, in Conyers, GA. The other recognized shows (four weekends) are held in the park's Charles Walker Covered Arena.  Our current dates and prize lists (entry forms) can be found on the Calendar page. Scores of those who compete in The Good Horseman/Massey Ferguson USEF/USDF competitions are tallied at the end of the year for GHF Year-End High-Score Awards (See Awards Page for details).   Click here if you wish to be a Volunteer.

ELECTRONIC SCOREBOARD HISTORY: In September 2007, Collecting Gaits Farm (Jeff and Shereen Fuqua, Alpharetta, GA) sponsored our first competition using the EquiVu Electronic Scoreboard, developed by Ed Sauer. Later the operation was taken over Sports Tech Productions and run by Phil Thompson and Don Pye.  In 2012, the sponsorship was assumed by Massey Ferguson bringing us our new Massey Ferguson/Good Horseman Electronic Scoreboard which made its debut at the GHF/Massey Ferguson Fall Dressage show in September of 2012.  The scoreboard is operated by engineer Lawrence Freil who went to South Dakota in 2012 to pick up the Daktronics scoreboard, took the Daktronics computer training program, and drove it safely to Atlanta.  Lawrence has operated the system at our recognized shows ever since.

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            Our membership chairman is Susan Harding Birkinshaw
            2881 Peachtree Road NE, #1505, Atlanta, GA 30305-5104
            Her e-mail address:   SusanHardingHomes 
            Please call her if you have any membership questions.
            If you wish to join, there is a membership application at the top of this page. Our members are automatically Group Members of USDF and are eligible to compete for USDF awards. However, you must apply directly to USDF to become a Participating Member if you wish to qualify to ride in the USDF Region 3 Championships.
            Our members automatically are placed on our e-mailing list which includes prize lists for five USEF/USDF competitions, plus information for clinics and other USDF programs. Our complete schedule of events can be found on the Calendar page of this website.
            Our website was designed and constructed by Katie Patton.  Since the year 2000, participants in our shows are able to get not only the results of our shows on the web, but their confirmation of their entries, get their riding/performance times as well as their stall numbers. Click on the Times button on our front page for this information.  The page is edited almost daily. The results of our shows are also streaming on the internet through the Fox Village Dressage website.
            Comments and suggestions are encouraged.  Please e-mail us.   We can't do everything, but we try to.

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