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                  2020 Calendar        
*CANCELED: June 6-7  GHF/Massey Ferguson Annual Dressage Show 1st and 2nd Editions, GIHP, Conyers, GA. 

*Aug. 22-23  GHF/Massey Ferguson Summer Dressage #1 Show and #2 Show,  Arenas 8-9, GIHP, Conyers, GA). USDF Adult Amateur program included.
Judges: Sandra Hotz and Alison Head. (Prize list to appear here soon.)

*Sept. 12-13 GHF/Massey Ferguson Fall Dressage Show, GIHP, Conyers, GA, (2021 USDF RC qualifier; 2021 USEF/NAYC Qualifier).  USDF Adult Amateur program included.

Judges: Debra Rodriguez and Marilyn Payne.

2021 Calendar

*March 27-28, 2021GHF/Massey Ferguson Spring Dressage Show, GIHP, Conyers, GA.

*April 27-28, 2021GHF/Massey Ferguson Dressage at the Horse Park, GIHP, Conyers, GA

*June 12-13, 2021 GHF/Massey Ferguson Annual Dressage 1st and 2nd Editions, GIHP, Conyers, GA

*July 31/Aug. 1, 2021 GHF/Massey Ferguson Summer Dressage, GIHP, Conyers, GA.

*Sept. 11-12, 2021GHF/Massey Ferguson Fall Dressage Shows #1 and #2, GIHP, Conyers, GA
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